Experience the language. It’s not only grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and good teaching, it is also culture, art, food, architecture and many more… To learn language is one thing. To learn and experience is just cool.

French course in Nice

French is Cool are French language courses in Nice. These courses take 24 hours/ 7 days a week, experiencing everything that connects to France. We teach not only grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation but also introducing you to architecture and art, history, food and wine. We will show you the French Riviera in French style and let you experience details- not reachable for average tourists.

Just to say Bonjour doesn’t mean that you know the language. When you say Bonjour and somebody replies you experience French. The best way to do it, of course, is to talk in France. Today we invite you to Nice.

We are French people who love our nationality and culture. We know how to teach language in fun, motivating and successful methods. We are a team who invites you to feel French, experience French.

You can participate in a conversation and practise the language straight away. Meaning you can learn how to say hello and how to order your favorite dish or a beverage. The moment when are all together, sitting in the restaurant where you actually speak the language with French people and ask for a meal. In France, in french. That’s why it is cool. You learn, practise and and put it to use from the very first minute.

We know that every single person is different not only because of the language but also because of the hobbies, activities and customs. It is really important to enjoy every moment in France. We organize it according to your wishes.

We’re always happy receive comments on what and how we are doing. Let’s have a chat and talk about unforgettable moments to come.

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